Mexico Real Estate – Continued Modernization in Space Involvement

Mexico real estate offers a huge benefit to American and Canadian buyers of being an affordable, warm-weathered country, with a strong cultural heritage, which also offers many of the best benefits of the modern world. One of the largest recent reflections of this modernization is the development of space-related programs.Recently, Mexico has been taking firm steps in the direction of developing aerospace programs, reflected in the creation of the Mexican Space Agency (AEM). The process of creating the AEM is currently in a series of consultation forums that will shape national policy in this field, and the vocation of the agency itself.A representative from the Ministry of Transportation commented that the policy will be designed in harmony with the international legal framework governing the sector.The program and the idea of aligning to international standards is important to the Mexico real estate industry since it reflects the country’s ongoing program of modernization and providing international-level quality. For real estate buyers, the areas which have central significance are the expressway and road network expansions and improvements (an area in which Mexico excels) and the increase of international-quality franchise businesses and excellent healthcare facilities.Another important event regarding Mexico’s efforts in space technology is the Sixth Space Conference of the Americas, which will take place in Pachuca, Hidalgo. Officials in Mexico currently feel that the country has a significant task in the exploration of space and must move forward in this field in reasonable time. The conference includes representatives of space agencies from 25 nations.Mexico has a history of involvement in international space policies, being a founding member of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, established in 1959 by the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), and has been an active participant in the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee and Legal Affairs, where principles from Mexico have been reflected in international treaties.One example was the Treaty of 1966, which states that outer space should be the heritage of humanity and not subject appropriation of any one nation.”We joined the international community in the spirit of that treaty,” said the representative of the Ministry of Transporation, “in a collaborative spirit and full solidarity with the great human project to study and to better exploit the benefit of all mankind, outer space resources.”The progress of Mexico’s involvement in space policies and exploration will continue to reflect a country which has, in a relatively short time, grown considerably in economy and standard of living.